Extreme Weight Loss Casting Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions to apply?

  1. You must be 18 years or older as of April 12, 2015.
  2. You must be a legal resident of the United States.
  3. For additional eligibility requirements please click on the Eligibility Tab Above


How can I apply?

Click the link at the top of our website that says “How To Apply” and follow the instructions there.


When is the last day to apply?

The last day to apply is March 6th. However, if you are mailing in a home tape, it needs to be post marked by March 6th.


Should I send in a video submission if I plan to attend an open casting call?
It is not required, but we recommend you do so. There are several reasons why it is an advantage to submit a video even if you plan to meet our casting team in person. It gives our casting team a chance to get familiar with you and it also could act as a second chance if you were at the open casting call but feel you didn't do your best.


Where are the casting calls and can I go to one?

Anyone can meet with us at an open casting call as long as they meet our requirements (see question 1).  If you have around 50% of your body weight to lose, then we encourage you to come to a casting call and/or send in a video submission. You can view the open casting call locations by clicking the “Open Calls” tab at the top of this website.  Once they are announced, all locations, dates and times will be listed here. 


Can I bring my “supporters” with me to the casting call?

Yes.  We encourage your adult family and friends to support you on your weight loss journey, starting with the casting call.  They can wait with you in line, however only those applying can come into the interview room.  We would prefer you leave any small children at home with another caregiver, but if that is not possible then they can accompany you into the interview room.  Producers cannot be responsible for any children.


What should I bring to the open casting call? 
We suggest that you bring a non-returnable recent photo of yourself and a pen (to fill out the Casting Call Application). If you downloaded the Season 6 Application from this website, then you can bring it to the open casting call, but it is not mandatory (It is only required if you receive a callback interview or if you submit a video).  Either way, you will be required to fill out the Casting Call Application, which we will hand out at the casting call. You should also consider bringing water, healthy snacks, and something to sit on in line. Please check the weather prior to attending so you can dress weather appropriate and bring an umbrella or sunscreen if needed.

*Note: We do not SELL applications, nor do we have a photographer on staff that will charge you to take your photo in line.  If someone selling these items in line claims to be hired by Extreme Weight Loss, Eyeworks USA LLC or ABC, please let one of our staff members know immediately. 


What should I expect at the open casting call?
Our casting team will be holding group interviews. You may receive a call the night of the casting call, up to 2 days after the open casting call for a "callback," which is a full- length on-camera interview with our casting directors.  You may also be called at a later date for a SKYPE interview. 


After the open casting call, when will I know if I am moving on to the second round?
Those who are selected for callbacks are usually told by the end of day. However, it could be up to 2 days after the open casting call or you may be called at a later date for a SKYPE interview. We try to call those who traveled from out of town back before calling locals, so they will have time to plan to stay overnight or drive back for their interview.  If you do not get a callback, we encourage you to send in a video submission.


If I'm selected for a callback interview when will my interview be?

We try to do callback interviews for those that drove 4+ hours to get to the casting call the day afterwards (in most cases on Sunday, subject to availability) and then locals between Monday-Wednesday following the casting call.  If you are from out of town, you may consider being prepared to make plans to stay overnight in case you receive a callback interview.  Otherwise, we may ask you to drive back for your interview or we may SKYPE you at a later date.


If I am selected to participate on the show, what is my time commitment?
Although you will not be required to relocate for the show's year long duration, you may be asked to relocate temporarily during the year.  If you are selected as a participant you must be available to commit yourself to the taping of the show for approximately one year. Dates are always subject to change.


What should I wear to the open casting call?
Wear something that best represents you and that is comfortable and weather appropriate, as you may be waiting in line.


Will everyone in line have the opportunity to be seen by the casting team at the open casting call?
It is highly likely that we will see everyone who shows up. If for some reason we are unable to see everyone the day of the open casting call we will collect the Casting Call Applications of those that were not seen and follow up with them at a later date.


Can I log back in to my pre-registration and upload a photo or video later?

At this time you are not able to go back and change your pre-registration form or add photos/video.  If you think it is necessary that you change something on your pre-registration form then you can resubmit the full form.  If you choose to resubmit, then please fill it out again in it’s entirety so that we have all of your information in one place.